Birka Coat

By Lady Freydis Egilsdottir

The Norse used cloaks, but they also used coats. A popular style for recreationists is known as the Birka coat, named after the Norse trading town.

The coat and hat are made from a sort of thick felt, intended for lining or backing quilts, left over from a previous project, as is the fun fur. I think the fabric is made of polyester as it bubbles and burns when I do a flame test, but Karl says it is super warm and blocks the wind beautifully.

It’s hand-stitched together with embroidery thread. The toggles I made from cow bone (it started life as a stew bone; other bits are being turned into a bone comb, needle, and other small implements–not bad for two bucks!), and the loops are leather thong. It actually went together pretty quickly, and I’m very pleased with how it turned out.