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A small and growing chapter in Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia Canada, of the Society of Creative Anachronism, dedicated to recreating the best parts of medieval life, specifically the arts and crafts, the ambiance and activities, based on the values of chivalry, honour and fun.

* Our next business meeting will be June 22 or 23, 9:30 am at House Ravenspeak, followed by a potluck barbecue. Bring whatever you want to grill and a side dish/dessert. Watch the forums and Facebook page for the agenda, and email Freydis or Mikhail if you have anything you want added to it.

* Our General SCA Meet-ups are the first and third Sunday morning of each month, starting at 9:00 am at House Ravenspeak, and running until whenever!

* Armouring on Sunday mornings House Ravenspeak, 35 Elm St, Greenwood (other times can usually be scheduled).

Newcomers welcome to all!!

We are starting a new branch of the SCA in Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.

The SCA, or ‘Society for Creative Anachronism’, is an international medieval recreationist group dedicated to education, research, recreating the best parts of medieval life, and most of all, fun.

For further information please contact one of groups officers.

Since November 2015 we have been holding regular biweekly meetings, fighting and armouring practices, crafting classes, as well as full events around the Annapolis Valley; please check under Calendar and Events to see when and where our next ones will be.

Arts & Sciences


By Nicholas Bullroarers are ancient devices with many uses throughout history and across the world: communication, music, religious rituals, and as toys. Nicholas crafted the two bullroarers above out of wood and string. You can create the roaring sounds by dangling the wooden piece, twisting it to make it spin, and then swinging it in …

Armor: Knee

By Violante Made of mild steel and painted before hammering the rivets in place so no nooks go without rust protection. The padding will be added when the other knee is finished. This style of knee features a wider fan on the outside of the knee for protection. The cop sticks out a fair bit, …

Ruantallan Fighter’s Coif

By Lady Inez Zardoya de Villena This fighter’s coif uses the Ruantallan colors and includes the new populace badge. Lady Inez was honored in court for this project, which was donated to the Barony. It now forms an official part of the Heavy Champion of Ruantallan regalia.

Curia (Officers)

Feel free to contact any of our branch officers. If you are new, reach out to our Chatelaine with any questions! Officer reports and meeting minutes available here.

Seneschal (President) – chief cat herder
Thorvald of the Valley

Mistress of Arts & Sciences – she who goes ‘Ooooo’ and ‘Aaaaah’
Lady Freydis Egilsdottir

Chatelaine– she who helps newcomers the most-est.
Lady Nesrin bint Suleyman

Exchequer – he who handles the cash, if we had cash….
Lord Ulrich von Spandau

Herald– he who wrangles device and name submissions
Lord Alman Ibrahim

Webminister – he who mangles our website
Lord Mikhail Heimdallson


Check the calendar for event times and locations.

Biweekly Meetup (Ravensdale)
Our regular non-garb meetups are the first and third Sunday of the month. Discuss and work on projects, learn to fight heavy or rapier, or just hang out and socialize. All are welcome!

Armoring Workshop (Ravensdale)
Come by Sunday morning any time after 9:00 am to build, repair, or upgrade your armor. If you’d like to schedule a different time to access the workshop, contact Lord Mikhail Heimdallson.

Lammas Camping Event (Ravensdale)
Join Ravensdale August 2-5th, 2019, for our fourth annual Lammas camping event at Ulrich’s place in Berwick. More info available later.

Other Ruantallan Events

Heavy Combat Practice (Distant Shore)
Monthly combat practice in Distant Shore.

Crimson Hall Combat Practice (Seashire: Crimson Hall)
Facebook group with updates on weekly combat practice.

Baronial War Camp (Ruantallan: Distant Shore)
June 28 – July 1, 2019: Camping, battle, and various competitions. Viking theme encouraged but not required.

Brawl at the Thirsty Hound Tavern (Seashire)
September 21, 2019: Activities include a rapier tavern brawl, period gaming, a brewing panel, a tavern feast with evening snacks, and perhaps dancing.