Curia (Officers)

Feel free to contact any of our branch officers. If you are new, reach out to our Chatelaine with any questions! Officer reports and meeting minutes available here.

Seneschal (President) – chief cat herder
Thorvald of the Valley

Mistress of Arts & Sciences – she who goes ‘Ooooo’ and ‘Aaaaah’
Lady Freydis Egilsdottir

Chatelaine– she who helps newcomers the most-est.
Lady Nesrin bint Suleyman

Exchequer – he who handles the cash, if we had cash….
Lord Ulrich von Spandau

Herald – he who wrangles device and name submissions
Lord Alman Ibrahim

Heavy Marshall – he who oversees the pointy sticks
Lord Mikhail Heimdallson

Webminister – she who mangles our website