Check the calendar for event times and locations.

Greenwood Meetup (Ravensdale)
Our regular non-garb meetups are the first and third Sunday of the month. Discuss and work on projects, learn to fight heavy or rapier, or just hang out and socialize. All are welcome!

Bridgetown Meetup (Ravensdale) (Not available at school location until after April 30 due to Corona Virus)
These non-garb meetups include fencing and arts and sciences, hosted at the Bridgetown Regional Community School. Check the calendar for dates. All are welcome!

Armouring Workshop (Ravensdale)
Come by Sunday morning any time after 9:00 am to build, repair, or upgrade your armour. If you’d like to schedule a different time to access the workshop, contact Lord Mikhail Heimdallson.

Other Upcoming Ruantallan Events

Heavy Combat Practice (Distant Shore)
Monthly combat practice in Distant Shore.

Crimson Hall Combat Practice (Seashire: Crimson Hall)
Facebook group with updates on weekly combat practice.